Our Concerns

Protecting Our Natural Resources

The Coral Reef

Rincón is home to unique Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) thickets. Elkhorn coral is a candidate for the Endangered Species Act. Steps and Tres Palmas reefs are some of the best-developed fringing coral reefs found off the west coast of Puerto Rico. Read more about the coral reefs of Puerto Rico here.


Whales and dolphins are an intricate part of the marine and coastal fauna of the northeast Caribbean Sea. Humpbacks (Megaptera novaangliae) accounted for approximately 80% of sightings in the area. They aggregate most commonly off Rincón and Aguadilla. Read more about whales here.

Sea Turtles

There are at least two types of sea turtles found in the Steps and Tres Palmas area, including Hawksbill and Leatherback. Read more about sea turtles here.

Marine Life Guide

This guide was created for you to discover all the common creatures found in the waters around Puerto Rico. Browse through the photography and discover what kind of fish you saw during your morning dive, or prepare yourself for what you are about to encounter on your next. Many of the species you will discover on this site can be found around the Caribbean basin. Click here to read more.

Protecting Rincón’s Coastline

Our goal is permanent protection against massive development for the coastal area beginning at Little Malibu and going past Domes by establishing a Natural Reserve.

A categorical failure by the system to allow for public notification and input is jeopardizing the precious resources that are the economic engine for Rincón. These areas have been continuously threatened by developments and will continue to be threatened if we don’t create a permanent solution. Over the years of grassroots efforts in conjunction with the leadership of President of the Cámara Carlos Vizcarrondo Irrizary have resulted in the landmark legislation Ley 2983 — la “Ley de la Reserva Marina Tres Palmas de Rincón.” This measure was an affirmation of the Comonwealth’s and the municipality of Rincón’s commitment to the environment.

Despite this progress, the Rincón coastline is being threatened by projects that are being granted variances to allow the construction of developments that are not within the character of the community.

It would be a tragedy after such a milestone for the community to suffer the harm of these projects which will not only negatively impact Rincón’s environment, but will also limit access to the beach for Rincoeños while taxing the already overburdened infrastructure of the municipality.

It is very concerning that there has been such a widespread and gross failure to allow public input, comment or notification in these cases. It is even more concerning to consider how many other projects have been passed in the same negligent and illegal manner. While the work at Reina Del Mar has been put on hold pending the hearing and investigation, the contractors for the Sandy Beach Apartments are already altering the coastline and quebrada while rapidly preparing to begin concrete work in the very near future. As a result, immediate intervention is required.

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