Movimiento Playuela

Movimiento Playuela formed in response to the plans for a mega resort in Aguadilla that will negatively affect the coastal areas and block beach access to some of the best and most beautiful beaches in Aguadilla. Check out their facebook page to learn more and stay up-to-date on meetings and events.

Federación de Surfing Puerto Rico

FSPR is Puerto Rico’s surfing governing body. Surfrider has collaborated with them to make surf contests green events. They also co-sponsored a paddleboard contest which helped raise funds for Surfrider.

Rescate Playas Isabela

Rescate Playas Isabela is a non-profit community environmental group whose mission is to educate and work with the community, businesses, and government agencies in order to preserve the beaches and natural resources and thus create a better quality of life. They collaborate with Surfrider Rincón by collecting and testing water samples from area beaches for the BWTF, Surfrider’s water testing program.

Vida Marina

Vida Marina partnered with Surfrider Rincón on the dune restoration effort in Isabela. Their main goal is to reduce the problem of aquatic debris with three components: education and outreach, recovery and recycling and marine debris monitoring.


CariCOOS is the observing arm of the Caribbean Regional Association for Integrated Coastal Ocean Observing (CaRA)

Organización Comunitaria de Surfing de Rincón

Organización Comunitaria de Surfing de Rincón partnered up with Surfrider Rincón on the tree planting project at Indicators, and is one of the community groups that Surfrider is collaborating with to help protect the coastline and beaches of Rincón as part of the Nueva Liga Ecológica de Puerto Rico.