Reduciendo la Huella Plastica



Reduciendo la Huella Plástica (Reducing the Plastic Footprint) is Surfrider Rincón’s program inspired by the national program Rise Above Plastics.

Reduciendo La Huella Plástica is based in North West Puerto Rico. Our primary goal is to reduce the use of single use plastics, one of the largest contributors of ocean pollution, in the North Western areas of Puerto Rico and improve the marine ecosystem (and human!) health in the process.

This group of community volunteers works closely with local city officials, business owners, ministers and educators to create awareness of the problem of single use plastics, discover solutions and implement them.

Current focus points:
– Raising awareness about single use plastics
– Encourage the use of re-usable shopping bags UPDATE: Local ordinance passed and is in full effect. A Commonwealth-wide law based on Rincón’s successful ordinance passed the P.R. legislature last Fall and was signed by Gov. Garcia Padilla.
– Educated businesses and encourage best environmental practices
– Reduce the amount of plasticware (straws, plates, stirrers, fork, etc) discarded on the beach
– Increase the number of recycling bins
– Increased enforcement of anti-littering laws

Please visit the website or subscribe to the feed to keep updated on our progress and feel free to contact us with ideas and/or support!