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Salva Tres Palmas tells the story of the environmental victory that gave life to the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, the first marine reserve on the main island of Puerto Rico. Tres Palmas beach has earned a global reputation for its "giant" surfing waves and for possessing one of the healthiest Elkhorn coral reef colonies throughout the Caribbean. This coral has a vital ecological importance to the shores of Rincón, the health of the sea and the species that inhabit it.

Since the explosion of tourism in the mid 1960s, Rincón has experienced strong social and economic changes. Formerly a people devoted to agriculture and fisheries, tourism is now the foundation of the economy. Rincón is today one of the most popular tourist destinations of the island, which has led to an accelerated development of its coastline. The absence of local planning zoning has enabled the development of hotel complexes and condominiums in the shoreline area. This type of construction cause erosion to the coast and this coupled with climate change and marine pollution is threatening the beaches, corals and biodiversity that depends on it.

In 2000, members of the Surfrider Foundation and other environmental groups went to Rincon alerted by members of the community of the proposal of construction of three mega developments that were threatening Tres Palmas. For more than eight years, community members and activists have made an arduous campaign to save Tres Palmas.

This documentary is expected to serve as a source of inspiration for other communities in Puerto Rico and the world about the importance of protecting and preserving our natural resources.

Director/ Editor: María José Calderón
Camera: María José Calderón. Oliver Bencosme
Music: Mijo de la Palma, La Republica, Diego Calderón
Contact: salvatrespalmas@surfrider.org

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