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Hand reaches out and touches surfboard in the ocean water with the sun rising in the background.

The Surfrider Foundation

is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground - the ocean, waves, and beaches that provide us so much enjoyment.

100% Protection of Our Coastlines

Our model is to engage environmental experts to create solutions, unite local and national resources to protect the coast, and leverage our local chapter network’s knowledge with a national perspective.

Woman walks down hill toward beach with the ocean in the background.

Our ocean, waves and beaches are everything. Let’s save them.

Man wearing Surfrider shirt with megaphone faces crowd of activists.

Who We Are

Our model is to engage environmental experts to create solutions, unite local and national resources to protect the coast, and leverage our local knowledge with a national perspective.

We are the first chapter to be organized in a non-English speaking country, and were formed in 2001 primarily to develop and help realize the creation of the Reserva Marina Tres Palmas (RMTP) in Rincòn, PR’s first officially co-managed Marine Protected Area. RMTP contains the last healthy and genetically diverse stands of elkhorn coral (acropora palmata) in PR, which is a federally-protected endangered species.

Protecting Rincón's Coastline

Our goal is permanent protection against massive development for the coastal area beginning at Little Malibu and going past Domes by establishing a Natural Reserve.

A categorical failure by the system to allow for public notification and input is jeopardizing the precious resources that are the economic engine for Rincón. These areas have been continuously threatened by developments and will continue to be threatened if we don’t create a permanent solution. Over the years of grassroots efforts in conjunction with the leadership of President of the Cámara Carlos Vizcarrondo Irrizary have resulted in the landmark legislation Ley 2983 — la “Ley de la Reserva Marina Tres Palmas de Rincón.” This measure was an affirmation of the Comonwealth’s and the municipality of Rincón’s commitment to the environment.

Despite this progress, the Rincón coastline is being threatened by projects that are being granted variances to allow the construction of developments that are not within the character of the community.

Our Core Values

The Surfrider Foundation believes that getting outside and engaging with the natural world, especially the ocean, waves and beaches, is inspiring, supports healthier lifestyles, improves productivity and ultimately creates a better culture.

1. Honor the mission.

Surfrider is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches for all people, through a powerful activist network. At the center of every action we take is our mission, our grassroots structure and local perspectives. We aim for positive impact and measurable results on behalf of the communities that we serve.

2. The beach is fun and Surfrider should be, too.

Surfrider comprises people who love the ocean, work hard to protect it, and need to enjoy it as part of keeping advocacy gratifying and fun. We are optimistic about the future of our ocean and coasts because our volunteers make a positive difference every day.

3. We are open and inclusive.

Our ocean, waves and beaches belong to all of us, and we welcome all who are interested in joining our movement. Through our principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI), we seek to engage and represent the communities that we work in, and tosupport, create, foster and champion diversity at all levels within our organization.

4. We cultivate leaders.

We believe that the most effective way to build a coastal protection movement is to provide leadership opportunities for our volunteers. By cultivating their voices and skills, we are preparing the next generation of coastal defenders to lead within their own communities.

5. We are problem solvers.

We are solution-oriented. Surfrider applies science, critical thinking and innovation to assess problems and develop practical long-term solutions that protect our coasts.

6. The Surfrider is yours to create.

The Surfrider culture is defined by the people who show up with a love of the ocean and care deeply for its well-being. Through science, community and respect, we are people who joyfully take on the challenges before us. Our culture is one of selflessness, sharing, and bringing people together to achieve Surfrider’s mission.